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Bryan Birch's Fairly Understated Web Page

(Older photos of) Our Home
Spectrum Apartments in Budds Beach


For Erasure's instore performance photo's at Fish Records in Sydney Australia - press this button ...

Our Pacific Island cruise on the Fair Princess
19 October - 1st November 1997

Our North Pacific cruise on the Oriana
21 February - 2nd March 1998

Ship's Photo Pack

Our Photographs

Our Around Australia Flying Tour
20 August - 10th September 2000

Around Australia

Some of my favourite places on the Web ....

An Erasure fan site

About Me

I am a computer analyst/programmer on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.
I was born and raised in New Zealand but have been in Australia for around 21 years now.
I am a major ERASURE fan

About Erasure

I first saw Erasure perform in London (the Circus Tour) in 1987
I travelled to the other side of the world specifically to see
two concerts (London and Munich) in Erasure's Tiny Tour in 1996
In 1997 I travelled to Sydney to see them at one of their two Australian 'Tiny Tour' concerts.
The next day (my *BEST* Erasure experience) they appeared in-store at Fish records
and performed 5 acoustic tracks, signed CD inserts and I got a quick photo with Andy!!!

Erasure's Down-Under Tiny Tour!

Two appearances in Australia!
Tuesday 5th August 1997 at the Mercury Lounge (in the Crown Casino) in Melbourne
Wednesday 6th August 1997 at the Metro Club (in the Metro Theatre) in Sydney

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